We are Urban Parti

Urban regions are being forced to adapt and evolve.

Our Vision

Urban Parti is a community, a place to connect with others right in your neighborhood or region.  Come together, work on and participate in designing the future of your built environment.  

Effective neighborhood decision making means that the majority of residents must have the opportunity to be engaged and educated, on their terms.  With our robust partnership network and innovation ethos, Urban Parti creates those local access points and provides those opportunities.

Our Vision

We leverage technology and urban innovation to align stakeholders and create more engagement around the sustainability of the built environment. In doing so, we aim to offer local stakeholders more agency over milestones that will define their future.

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Innovation Districts

In North Brooklyn, we have created the Bushwick Generator, a localized tech ecosystem and the Bushwick Blockchain Alliance, a way to facilitate decentralized innovation into neighborhoods.
We've hosted 100s of sponsored hackathons, build-a-thons, create-a-thons and design thinking workshops.
We are leading the way for workforce, community and economic development in Brooklyn.

Meet our professional team

Assistant to the CEO
Mick Portom
Sofia Delson
“Democracy works best when the broadest range of citizens both provide input and take responsibility for its success... an educated public would make for better citizens, and thus provide wiser governance.”

- Jonathan Rose



215 Moore Street, Brooklyn, NY
11206, US


1936 Aupuni Street, Honolulu, HI
96816, US

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