Urban Parti

Engaging and educating communities through urban planning, innovation, and technology

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Urban Parti

Your Local Access Point for Urban Innovation

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Neighborhood innovation

Creating the next generation of Smart Neighborhoods

The future is bright for emerging live, work, and play neighborhoods. We are here to make sure that it is also equitable.

Innovating with and for Neighborhoods

Urban Parti is structured like an innovation studio and neighborhood lab, with a core focus on building trust and alignment with those making a life and living in dense urban areas.

Urban Parti incubates new spaces, products and tools that are critical to the well-being of our neighborhoods and cities.

What We Do

We focus first on educational tools and processes to increase participation and engagement in dense urban neighborhoods, and second, on the products and services that improve the built environment.

Neighborhood Tooling

We incubate hyper-local tools to facilitate more participation and engagement in neighborhoods.

Community Development

Our programming is focused on innovation and culture, and designed to be inclusive of less-served communities.

Incubation & Funding

We empower local residents to build, experiment and pilot innovative products that improve the physical and social fabric.

Our Partners