Urban regions are being forced to adapt and evolve.

A myriad of structural issues in cities have left municipalities with reduced capacity to support its citizens.

Grassroots organization has its place but is often unable to effectively form consensus or adequately fund innovative urban solutions.

Private interests have little motivation to take on infrastructure problems or historically non-profit issues.

Our capacity as citizens to improve resilience in dense urban areas is limited. We do not have the tools to connect and collaboratively improve where we live, work, and play.

Urban Parti catalyzes and facilitates participation and engagement in an urban neighborhood or district. Thoughtful participation can enable coordination around important urban issues, typically moderated by municipalities.

Requisites for Urban Parti 1.0 being fulfilled in a neighborhood or district?

1) Substantial local adoption of technical tools that enable participation and engagement.

2) Purposeful education across the socioeconomic spectrum in the direction of neighborhood self-governance.

3) Development and implementation of consensus protocols and coordination mechanisms for ultimate resiliency.

These form the basis of a future where stakeholders in urban districts can participate in, decide on, and administer their own built environment destiny.

There is much to be built and much work to be done. Reach out or stop by. Our HQ is located at the Bushwick Generator, located at 215 Moore St in Brooklyn, New York.

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